Coming To A School Near You: Climate Alarmist Propaganda! But You Might Stop It!

Written by Wes Walker on November 20, 2019

November 21–22, Al Gore’s “Climate Reality” network intends to propagandize thousands of people all over the world, including many young students, with its message of catastrophic manmade global warming.

It has scheduled nearly 1,100 “Truth in Action” presentations, based on Gore’s deceptive and error-filled “Truth in 10” slideshow, in schools, libraries, and other venues.

But there are two things you can do to blunt Gore’s effort!

If a presentation is scheduled for a public school near you, you might be able to get it canceled!

Just imagine! You could protect impressionable young students from hearing only one side—a highly politicized one—of this controversial issue.


Tom Nelson, a veteran blogger challenging claims of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW), reported today on how he succeeded in persuading a public school near him to cancel a “Truth in Action” presentation. And you can follow his example!

Having learned from Climate Reality’s website that a “Truth in Action” presentation was scheduled for a public school near him, Nelson sent an email November 5 to the school’s superintendent, principal, and chemistry teacher.

He wrote:

I found out that a climate presentation from an Al Gore group (“Climate Reality”), along with a “climate activism” talk, is scheduled to be given to five Mounds View [High School] chemistry classes on Nov 20.

The presenter was part of a group personally “trained” by Al Gore when he was in Minneapolis in August 2019. The stated goal of that training is to “shape public opinion, influence policy, and inspire your community to act at this critical time.”

From Climate Reality’s mission statement:

“The Earth is facing a climate crisis, driven by fossil fuels.

At Climate Reality, we’re here to make urgent action a necessity. In politics. In business.

In every aspect of our lives. Everywhere.

Urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewables. Urgent action to halt the Trump Administration’s radical fossil fuel agenda

I view the proposed presentation (given by Al Gore here) as politics masquerading as science. I personally don’t think this presentation or “climate activism” belongs in MVHS chemistry classes, but if that happens, I’d like to ask for “equal time” in those chemistry classes to correct some of that misinformation.

You can write a similar letter to the superintendent and principal of a school near you that’s scheduled a presentation.

Because of his personal background, Nelson could add:

I have a great interest in the scientific debate around climate change; I’ve been sanity-checking these issues almost daily in great detail for about 12 years. I do have about 35 slides (graphs etc.) that I’ve pulled together in the last few days, with more planned.

I agree with [another parent] who wrote about the Nov 20 presentations:

“The kids should be given both sides and let them use their critical [thinking] skills to decide what they believe. I would be happy to support…You can include me as concerned parent.  I could also attend the class to support your cause.”

Of course, if you don’t have Nelson’s background, you can’t say that last part. But you can say that you know of an organization—the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation—with fully credentialed climate scientists that could provide balancing materials or speakers to students.

You could also point out that a British court ruled that, because it had nine significant scientific errors, Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth couldn’t be shown in British schools without an accompanying document informing students of those errors.

Two days after Nelson sent his email, he reported victory: “Success! Our principal has ruled, correctly, against allowing in-classroom Al Gore propaganda at our local high school on Nov 20: ‘Climate change is not a current curricular standard. As a result, it will not be included in the curriculum for this course, and we won’t be welcoming in-classroom speakers on the topic.’”
But what if the presentation isn’t scheduled for a public school? Can you still do something about it?


You can print copies of the Cornwall Alliance’s declaration “Protect the Poor: Ten Reasons to Oppose Harmful Climate Change Policies,” take them with you, and distribute them to people willing to accept them. And, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can ask questions—courteously, of course—to help the audience see that there is another side to the issue.

How do you find out if one of Gore’s “Truth in Action” presentations is scheduled near you?

  • Go to
  • Scroll down enough to view the map and click the small box in the upper right corner to toggle to full screen.
  • Zoom in on your area to see if there are any near you.
  • If there are, click on each one to see date, place (if it only provides an address, not the name of the place, you can Google the address and probably find out what it is), presenter’s name and email address, host organization, etc., and note whether it’s public (open to you) or private (not open to you).

By doing that I was able to identify two presentations near where I live. One is private, the other public. So I plan to go to the public one and do just what I’ve suggested here that you do.

One inconvenient thing about the information provided on the map: it doesn’t include the time of the presentation. To find out, you could click from page to page (lower right corner) of the list, reading each entry until you find yours. But that could take a very long time, since there are over 200 pages, each listing 5 events. Instead, you can just email the presenter and ask.