Conspiracy Theory Or Internet Joke? 19th Century Photo Sparks Claim That Greta Thunberg Is A Time Traveler

Written by K. Walker on November 22, 2019

Do people really believe this or is this just some internet trolling?

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen who has become the face of climate alarmism for her school boycott, is now being called by some on the internet a “time traveler” who has come to save the human race from extinction.

A photo of a young girl at a well in the Yukon Territory in Canada from 1898 has sparked a firestorm online as people note that the girl looks “just like” Greta Thunberg. The photograph was found in the University of Washington archives and social media users were quick to comment on the startling resemblance.

It’s unclear what Thunberg thinks of this as she is currently on a 48 ft catamaran traversing the Atlantic in the middle of November in pretty rough weather to attend a climate change summit in Madrid, Spain.

Is it possible that people really think that she has come back to save the human race from extinction, or is this just a joke on the internet going viral?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell on the internet, but the majority of comments seem like it’s all a big joke. Headlines from other news sources claim otherwise and are treating the whole thing as a very serious conspiracy theory. Clearly, journalists don’t understand how the internet works.

This intrepid reporter can clear up this conspiracy theory immediately.

Yours truly has definitive proof that this could not be Greta.

Here are my reasons:

    1. Time Travel isn’t real. Sorry, folks. It’s true.
    2. She’d be protesting China not Western countries.
    3. If it was real, she would have known that the Climate conference that she was planning on attending in Santiago, Chile had to be moved to Madrid, Spain due to political unrest. That meant that she had to “hitchhike” a ride across the Atlantic Ocean in November with a couple of YouTube vloggers, their toddler, and a female skipper. 

Our first family meal after an unsettled first 24 hours was a heartwarming start to day 2.Seasickness took Greta,…

Posted by Nikki Henderson on Thursday, November 14, 2019

No one would knowingly subject themselves to that kind of travel, especially with a toddler and rough water. Can you say barf-o-rama? Seasickness happens! Imagine being trapped on a 48-foot boat with a seasick toddler traveling slowly to avoid rough weather. That is cruel and unusual punishment.

Besides, if time travel was possible and Greta was an honest-to-goodness time traveler, why would she come now and not 30 or 40 years ago and corrected us that the real issue is climate change and not the concerns over acid rain or the ozone layer?

Game. Set. Match.

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