Not A Shocker: Liz Warren’s ‘Medicare For All’ Plan Requires … Rationing Care

Written by Wes Walker on November 22, 2019

If you thought the reality of Obama’s ‘you can keep your doctor’ promise was a real kick in the ass, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

If Pocahontas gets her way, we’ll think back to that as the ‘good old days’.

Socialist Europe is currently moving away from the model she is proposing. Even they think it sucks.

There is a hard reality the Left doesn’t really want to grapple with. It’s the driving principle that led British police to hold a dying toddler captive in a hospital that could not and would not offer treatment, and refused to let mom and dad seek that medical care elsewhere.

“The more radical part of [Warren’s plan] is the very, very bold rationing scheme for health care,” Pope, a scholar at the right-leaning Manhattan Institute, told the Free Beacon. “A big part of how she tries to make the numbers work is really very tightly restricting access to care and funding of health care services.”

Warren’s campaign, which did not respond to request for comment, has avoided using the word “rationing,” likely because it believes the idea would be unpopular. But, as the Massachusetts senator pushes towards the presidency, other Democratic contenders and the public at large may force her to answer hard questions about what single-payer health care requires.

…”She’s basically proposing to cap the amount of health care spending as a total of what she will commit to, but especially the amount of money that hospitals will get,” Pope said. “In practice, it’s going to mean waiting lists.… it’s going to mean that people aren’t going to be able to access care, especially high-quality care to the extent that they have been able to.”

Global budgets are in use in countries such as Canada, where the median wait time for specialists is nearly five months. This is why France, the Netherlands, and Norway have all moved away from a global budgeting approach, according to a recent op-ed from Pope.
Source: FreeBeacon

You don’t really need to look any further than the financial struggles faced by the VA, and how they are using Private care as a pressure-release valve (the was Canadians are visiting the US with cash in their pocket to skip their waiting lines).

If you do NOT have unlimited funds (and nobody does) and you have bills to pay for staff, supplies, utilities, procedures and all that, there are only so many options for making the money stretch.

The current method is the Free Market, which creates some equilibrium between supply and demand based on actual costing models.

Other methods use artifical approaches. Since you cannot adjust prices if you are in a deficit, you look at other methods, such as limiting ‘covered procedures’ (it would shock Bernie Sanders to know how many services are paid out-of-pocket in his utopian Canada), or limiting the number of procedures scheduled.

Even major centers in Canada have been known to struggle with even family doctor shortages because these rules are so restrictive. Let alone the specialists.

Oh, and Doctors don’t get to just open up shop wherever they want. The government has something to say about that, too.

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