Don Jr. Went On ‘The View’ To Promote His Book — The Coven Gave A Live Demo Of What ‘Triggered’ Is

Written by Wes Walker on November 8, 2019

Don Jr and Kim Guilfoil went into the belly of the beast. The Coven tried to have him for breakfast. But this wasn’t Trump’s first Rodeo.

The ‘ladies’ of The View weren’t interested in discussing his book at all. They were their with their knives out for his dad.

He was ready for them, and he gave as good as he got.

Here is an example of things getting whipped up over the issue of Trump Jr retweeting a news article containing the name of the already-outed ‘whistleblower’.

And Don played the ‘Trump’ card, calling them out on their hypocrisy one by one.

Watch Fox News’ The Five react:


This is a great observation:

Twitter on the Right couldn’t get enough of this:

Judge Jeanine could have told them to expect this kind of treatment:

Narrator: Yes, she DID go in blackface.

Exactly. He wasn’t about to grab his ankles and just ‘take’ it.

They tried to make him look bad. That plan completely boomeranged.

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