Protesters Gather To Oppose Melania Trump Who Was Visiting A ‘Cuddle Program’ For Babies Born With Addiction

Written by K. Walker on November 8, 2019

It appears that these protesters could learn a thing or two from the name of the First Lady’s “Be Best” initiative because this looks awful!

The message that comes across when protesting Melania Trump while she was visiting a hospital that has a program to care for drug and alcohol addicted newborns is not a very good one.

It seems a bit… what’s the word? Oh, yes.


First lady Melania Trump visited a Boston hospital Wednesday that uses cuddling to help infants born dependent on drugs or alcohol, as protesters carrying mocking signs demonstrated outside against Trump administration policies.

In a visit to highlight her “Be Best” child-wellness initiative, Trump met with caregivers and administrators at Boston Medical Center and told them she’s “very focused” on their pioneering work with babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

There are so many people that are so triggered by President Trump that they can’t allow anyone that is associated with him to do anything without protest — even if it’s a good thing.

Just look at how folks on the left are reacting to Sean Spicer competing on Dancing With The Stars.

This is the same sort of NPC groupthink — “Orange Man Bad so Wife Of Orange Man Also Bad.”

Outside, as many as 200 workers at the hospital and others gathered to protest the visit, condemning President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies that they say discourage immigrants from getting health care.

The first lady, who is rarely confronted with protesters at her public events, did not interact with the demonstrators, some of whom carried signs (“Children in cages cannot be cuddled”) or wore white lab coats with the words, “We really do care, do u?” scrawled on the back.

The lab coats were to mock Melania’s $39 Zara jacket which read, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” that she wore while boarding a plane to visit an ICE Detention facility. (She didn’t wear it during the visit.)

But still, leftists were outraged.

“This is not a person that we want to come to our home, our hospital,” Girard said.

Others who joined the protest carried signs that read, “BMC cares for all patients” and “We believe that healthy women = healthy families = healthy society.”

“I’m protesting because our babies, our vulnerable babies, shouldn’t be used as political props,” said Monica Joyce, who has worked as a nurse midwife at the hospital for five years.

Accompanying the First Lady was Alex Azar, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Trump administration is concerned with the problem of opioid addiction including the repercussions it has on children who have become addicted in utero and have made the issue a special focus by advancing clinical trials on neonatal opioid withdrawal.

“Neonatal abstinence syndrome is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the opioid crisis,” Azar said.

Source: USA Today

Despite the focus on neonatal substance addiction, protesters were still out complaining about the Trump administration policies that have nothing to do with the visit by the First Lady.

It takes someone really ‘special’ to put foward this degree of effort to protest the FIRST LADY over her support for some of the most vulnerable children in the freaking country.

What’s their next big trick? Placards outside of a children’s oncology center? Palliative care?

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