DOUBLE STANDARD: Trump Weighs In On The Roger Stone Guilty Verdict — Is He Right?

Written by Wes Walker on November 15, 2019

The Roger Stone verdict is now official. Guilty on all seven counts. But there are some lingering questions…

First, we’ll review the charges and convictions, before taking a look at the Trump tweet and other objections.

Washington Examiner laid out a succinct description of the charges:

Count One alleges that Stone obstructed the House committee’s investigation by denying he had emails and other documents about WikiLeaks-related contacts. During his House testimony, Stone was asked if he had “emails to anyone concerning the allegations of hacked documents … or any discussions you have had with third parties about [WikiLeaks]?” Stone answered that he did not, when in fact he had a bunch of emails and other communications. The obstruction charge also alleges Stone attempted to prevent Credico from testifying or tried to convince him to testify falsely.

Counts two through six concern specific statements to the House committee. Count Two is based on Stone’s assertion that he did not have emails.

Count Three alleges that Stone lied when he said that Credico was his only “go-between” to Assange, when in fact, Stone was also in contact with Corsi for that purpose. “At no time did Stone identify [Corsi] to [the House] as another individual Stone contacted to serve as a ‘go-between,'” the indictment says.

Count Four alleges that Stone lied when he said he did not ask Credico to communicate anything to Assange, when in fact Stone asked both Credico and Corsi to get in touch with Assange “to pass on requests … for documents Stone believed would be damaging to the Clinton campaign.”

Count Five alleges that Stone lied when he told the House that he and Credico did not communicate via text message or email about WikiLeaks. Stone told the committee the two talked over the phone, when in fact, according to the indictment, “Stone and [Credico] … engaged in frequent written communications by email and text message.”

Count Six alleges that Stone lied when he testified that he had never discussed his conversations with Credico with anyone at the Trump campaign, when in fact, “Stone spoke to multiple individuals involved in the Trump campaign about what he claimed to have learned from his intermediary to [WikiLeaks].”

Count Seven is a witness tampering charge, alleging that Stone tried to convince Credico to take the Fifth or to lie to the House committee.

The indictment does not allege that Stone had any direct communications with Assange, nor does it allege that Stone or anyone else at the Trump campaign had any direct communications with Assange or any foreknowledge of actions that WikiLeaks took. At various times, Stone claimed to have foreknowledge — a hint that something big was up — but the indictment suggests that he did not, in fact, know what WikiLeaks was going to do.
Source: WashingtonExaminer

What was the result of the court proceedings? Mr Stone was found guilty on all 7 charges. He is expected to appeal his case.

Trump had something to say about that.

And before the left rushes to object to his tweet, notice what he DIDN’T say.

He didn’t say that the judge or jury were wrong to have rule this way. He didn’t even object to the charges themselves.

He objected to the fact that we do not appear to have a universal standard of justice.

And he wasn’t the only one to notice the double standard.