EL RUSHBO: Shifty’s Switch To Obstruction Is An Admission Of Failure

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2019

Limbaugh has Pencilneck all figured out. He didn’t even need a ‘do not doubt be’ on this one.

His logic looks watertight.

When Schiff called his little conference that listed all the various ways that a co-equal branch of government telling Adam Schiff that they have no authority in calling this or that witness without breaching Executive Privilege, he made a point of announcing that each instance of Executive branch asserting their Article II rights would be viewed as ‘obstruction of Congress’.

That is a slight tactics shift from the drumbeat of ‘quid pro quo’ we had been hearing. It was a tactical shift that Rush Limbaugh had been anticipating since it was obvious that the transcript contained literally NOTHING damning.

At this point in the transcript, Andy McCarthy has just explained how Schiff would have the opportunity to write his own report at the conclusion of the alleged ‘investigation’… a report that Schiff will be as free to be as fast and loose with the facts as he has been from the moment he offered the ‘parody’ interpretation of the phone call in question.

We join Limbaugh with him already in full stride:

But let me break this down. See, Andy knows the game. He knows there’s something coming. When this doesn’t work or when one aspect of this doesn’t work, there’s gonna be something else.

I’m telling you what it is right now. Schiff, he’s still doing his little presser, and he’s now off on obstruction. Where the hell did that come from? I thought they had Trump dead to rights with the whistleblower. I thought they had Trump dead to rights in asking Ukraine to dig up dirt, make up dirt on Biden. They don’t have that. That didn’t happen. You can read the transcript. Anybody can.

If everybody took the time to read the transcript they would be scratching their head, saying, “What the hell is this all about, then? There’s nothing in this phone call that’s the slightest bit odd.” See, we’ve got a whistleblower who said he was deeply outraged, deeply offended, very worried about American foreign policy. Now we got a uniformed military guy, Vindman, backing it, “Oh, it’s horrible, it’s horrible.”

Even Kasich is out there saying once people see Vindman testify in his uniform, things will change. What do you mean, things will change? What Kasich’s admitting is they don’t have public opinion on their side for impeachment. Don’t pay attention to these polls. They don’t have it. Kasich knows nobody in Ohio’s talking about it. Nobody’s talking about it anywhere that is in any way a reflection of these fevered polls. NBC found out. The audio sound bites of that are coming up.

So Schiff is talking about obstruction. Intelligence guided by experience. They start talking about obstruction, that means the first phase failed. Trump-Russia collusion failed. They started talking obstruction. In all of the two years of Mueller and Trump-Russia collusion, you ever hear about obstruction? Yeah, peripherally, tangentially but you didn’t hear it as the primary thing. It was Trump colluded, he was a traitor, he cheated, he stole the election, stole it right out of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit, or muumuu, whatever.

Then that blows up. They are off and running on obstruction, and they don’t have a case on that. So here comes the whistleblower bought and paid for by Schiff, arranged for by Schiff. The whistleblower’s a secondhand witness to the phone call. He wasn’t even on it, he wasn’t even there. Vindman passes off whatever he thinks is outrageous.

If you boil it all down, it means these national security guys — folks, do not doubt me on this. And this is not just specific to Trump. It means that these people in the national security, slash, military, slash, intelligence complex of our government, they think they make foreign policy, not the president. That’s what this is really all about. Every president intrudes on their territory. But most presidents respect them, and most presidents listen to them, and most presidents bring them in.

Trump’s told them to go pound sand from his campaign on. But I’m telling you — and I don’t want you to doubt me on this — the National Security Council and whoever, even some of the people Trump’s appointed have been bad actors. McMaster is a bad actor. He’s part of this cabal. These are the people, by the way, that just still resent the hell out of Trump pulling out of Syria. He didn’t listen to them.

And I’m telling you, the national security structure, the administrative state that is the national security structure in Washington, which has as part of its membership generals and admirals, three stars, four-stars, and then the intelligence community, this little troika actually think they run foreign policy, not presidents. They are permanent. Presidents come and go.

Just like the State Department. They’re part of the State Department apparatus, they think they run foreign policy. They thought they ran it during George W. Bush. Don’t misunderstand. This is not specific to Trump. It’s just worse because Trump does not play the game and include them and promote them and credit them and thank them. He’s out trying to drain the place of them.

So as James Carville said, “This is an all-out war!” This is a microcosm of the deep state, and it contains all these people, Clapper and Brennan, FBI buddies, they were all in on this. They think they run foreign policy. Like Vindman. I don’t know Vindman, but I’m gonna make a guess that Vindman is part of the structure that thinks they run foreign policy.
Source: Rush Limbaugh

We were noticing the same pattern.

And this is ALSO the reason that two facts in particular in this ‘investigation’ show it to be anything BUT bipartisan and impartial.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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