Hilarious: Anderson Cooper Gets Blasted By Seb Gorka … On His Own Show! (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2019

Anderson Cooper looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here right now.

We all know what CNN’s position on Trump is — they oppose him at every turn, even if it means they have to make stuff up to do it.

In fact, they’ve had to fire people over it, haven’t they?

But don’t call them ‘fake news’ — it upsets them.

Seb Gorka knows this all too well. And he enjoys upsetting them.

He enjoys it a lot. You can tell by the way his visit with Anderson Cooper went.

And with Cooper’s ratings, it’s entirely possible that more people saw this clip because of Gorka’s tweet than actually watched the program live.

Of course, that was part of the merciless beating he laid on Cooper and the other hapless CNN sycophants. Enjoy!

(We certainly did!)

If he can dish out the abuse, he’d better be ready to take it when it comes back to him.

If Cooper’s eyes got any narrower, they’d look like they were drawn in with a pencil.

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for them…

And then you remember who they are, and how they conducted themselves through several years of pushing the Russian Collusion hoax, the Mueller Report, and now whatever this Impeachment game is supposed to be about.

And just like that… any sympathy you might have for them vanishes like a morning mist.

Then you can just savor it.

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