POWERFUL STUFF: Kanye’s Christian Outreach Makes A Prison Stop (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2019

“I was in prison and you visited me.” — Matthew 25:34

Kanye West continues to do the unexpected in boldly proclaiming his Christian faith.

Anyone who may have been thinking this was merely some kind of a marketing ruse hasn’t stopped to examine the fruit of Kanye’s conversion. When he goes into a prison and raps about Jesus, it ends with professions of faith in Christ among the audience.

That approach is hardly the fast-track to making fat stacks of cash. Especially in a culture so openly hostile to Christ.

Clearly, he is doing this for other reasons.

This week, Kanye visted Harris County jail, saying ‘this was a mission, not a show’.

Governor Abbot was grateful for Kanye doing this and tweeted a response:

We were pretty hard on the old Kanye, back in the day. But this guy is someone else entirely.

And you can’t help but respect what he’s doing.

And as a Christian looking out at the responses to Kanye’s message of life and hope, this writer couldn’t help but quietly say to himself — “welcome to the family, guys”.

The invitation of Christ stands open to all who will accept it.

No matter how far you may feel you have wandered from him. In fact… ESPECIALLY you. That’s what his story about the prodigal son was all about.


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