How Women can Destroy Their Marriage – Part 1

Written by Doug Giles on November 21, 2019

Most weeks, it’s the guys that need to grab a helmet and hold on. This week, it’s the ladies’ turn.

What’s the biggest threat to a healthy marriage?

Money problems? The husband knocking boots with the village bicycle?



Not as ‘harmless’ as you think, is it?

If today’s show offends you, your problem

That’s just where today’s show gets started.

This show helps three groups of people.

Single guys can watch this show and take notes. It could save you from a nightmare scenario. Run like hell if you have to before you make a colossal mistake.

Married guys? If you’ve been weathering the storm with a bitter harridan, you don’t need to be her doormat. This show will put the problem in a biblical (and psychological) moral perspective.

And ladies? Use this show’s lessons and wisdom as a chance to make your own relationships something you both WANT to come home to at the end of the day.

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