Impeachment Backfire? Trump Approval Rating Ticks Up And POTUS Now Leads 2020 Dems In Polls

Written by Wes Walker on November 21, 2019

Pelosi’s big plan was to let Schiff off his leash to bash Trump on camera for a while so he could get Americans to turn against him, wasn’t it? If so, things are not going according to plan.

Trump’s polling has bounced back from the initial shock of the impeachment story.

It must come as a shock to Democrats that so many ordinary Americans can see their naked power grab for what it really is.

Are the numbers are still pretty close? Sure, but more Americans oppose impeachment and removal than support it. And considering the especially aggressive coverage of anti-Trump programming on the Media(D)’s part, that’s saying something.

In particular, his numbers have bounced back in the places they REALLY wanted to HURT Trump’s numbers — battleground states. For example, here’s Wisconsin:

And most of those results were before we saw such ‘damning’ testimony as this:

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also the HUGE money Trump is taking by supporters ever since Democrats fired up their impeachment circus.

But Pelosi is a ‘master legislator’ or some such. She ‘definitely’ knows what she is doing.