Paternity Test Results: Happy Birthday Sleepy Joe… You’re A Grandpa (Again)!

Written by Wes Walker on November 21, 2019

How do you make a 77th birthday memorable? If you’re Joe Biden, it means discovering that you’ve got another grandkid.

Biden’s scandal-ridden son, Hunter, has given Sleepy Joe yet another grandchild.

Hunter fathered this child with his ‘side chick’ while dating his brother’s widow. Stay classy there, Biden.

Biden, 49, agreed to take the paternity last month after 28-year-old Lunden Roberts claimed he was the father of her one-year-old child. Biden has publicly denied he was the father, but Roberts said Biden had admitted otherwise to her in private.

…Hunter Biden is the father of three daughters — Naomi, 24, Finnegan, 19, and Maisy, 18 — from his 24-year marriage to Kathleen Buhle. The two divorced in 2017. Joe Biden has two other grandchildren, Natalie, 15, and Robert “Hunter” II, 13, whose father was Beau Biden, who died in 2015.

He has since dated the wife of his late brother, Beau Biden, and married Melissa Cohen, a filmmaker from South Africa, earlier this year.

Roberts’s attorney, Clinton Lancaster, said that she wants to avoid the media spotlight.

“She really does not want this to be a media spectacle. She does not want this to affect Joe Biden’s campaign. She just wants this baby to get financial support from the baby’s father,” Lancaster said about why Roberts filed a petition for paternity and support.
Source: WashingtonExaminer

This comes on top of the other scandals Hunter Biden is contending with, including his own drug history and of course, the prominent role his name has in the Impeachment proceedings while his father tries to secure the Democrats’ 2020 nomination.

It used to be said there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’.

What do you suppose Joe Biden might say about that piece of folk wisdom?


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