IS STARBUCKS RACIST? Fired Manager Sues For Discrimination… Against White People

Written by Wes Walker on November 2, 2019

Culture war — has the elastic finally been stretched so far that it’s starting to snap back again?

Have corporations bent over backward to appease one too many social-media pile-on that the convenient scapegoats are about to wake them up with a hit in the wallet?

That’s a question for the courts to answer.

Remember the story about two men who were sitting in a Philadelphia Starbucks, who hadn’t ordered anything?

When the manager told them they needed to order something or leave, they refused. Cops got involved, and — in the end — arrested the two men.

It became a HUGE national story that, in the end, resulted in every Starbucks taking a half-day off to give sensitivity training to its employees.

The complaint is, Starbucks reacted to social media pressure like this:

The manager was fired a month later.

The former regional manager of a Center City Starbucks where two black men were arrested last year for sitting inside the store is suing the company for allegedly discriminating against white people. In a lawsuit obtained by CBS3, Shannon Phillips claims she was fired less than a month after the high-profile incident because she is white.

She alleges the company discriminated in an effort to convince the community it properly responded to the incident.

Phillips’ lawyer, who refused to comment, is asking for a jury trial.
Source: CBS


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