LMAO: With BETO’s Presidential Run Dead, Here Are Some Career Options Still Open To Him…

Written by Wes Walker on November 2, 2019

From Democratic rising star in his Senate race to flame-out and failure in the 2020 primaries, a lot can change. Let’s look at his run for clues about what’s next!

In case you missed it, Beto — who was ‘born for this’ has called it quits for his 2020 Presidential ambitions. He made that announcement on November 1st.

Leave it to Robbie Francis O’Rourke — even in his departure, he found a way to fail.

After the way he had been hailed by so many as the Vanilla Obama, his meteoric crash back to earth must have been baffling to him and his closest supporters.

So, what’s over that next horizon, after he takes some unnecessarily long walk around American to ‘find himself’?

Well, there are any number of options in front of him, for someone whose wife is the daughter of a billionaire:

He really seems to have an interest in the service industry.

He could be a barber:

Or a dental hygienist:

He could offer roadside service:

Or maybe not.

He’s spent a lot of time on Magazine Covers like Vanity fair could Mr. Gangly be a model? Could he be ‘born to be in it’?

Public speaker? No. Extreme sports — nah, even Yang is better on a skateboard.

Writing? Nah, he already tried that — nobody liked his erotic bovine poetry or his fantasy horror story about driving a car over unsuspecting children.

Looking at what has really flicked his switch over the last year or two, two options really stand out:

The first, and most likely, option, is teaming up with David Hogg to take his traveling gun-grabbing circus on the road. He’s sure to get financial backers for that enterprise.

The runner-up guess (and only second because he’s such a candy-ass) would be trying his hand at being a coyote smuggling illegals into America.

He DID, after all, make a special stop to campaign in Mexico. Shockingly, it didn’t give him the ‘bump’ he needed to stay in the race.