Jeff Sessions Announces His Senate Run On Tucker’s Show… Would You Support Him?

Written by Wes Walker on November 8, 2019

Was he an honorable man caught in an impossible situation, or was he a clueless patsy the Left manipulated for political advantage? Your answer to that question will probably shape your answer to the next one.

Jeff Sessions is a complex character. He was among the first and the most ardent of supporters for Trump’s policy. For that loyalty, he was given the AG position.

Before he could properly settle into his role, the Democrats’ trap was sprung. He was accused of being compromised by his supposed ‘Russian connections’ and therefore not oversee what went on to become the Russia Hoax investigation.

In his place, the very obviously conflicted Rosenstein retained oversight of the investigation.

Some will never forgive Sessions for having recused himself.

Others will say he did so because he was trying to preserve the integrity of the DOJ, and had no idea what kind of weaponized process was being unleashed against the President with him conveniently out of the way.

Here’s Sessions describing his intention to run, and his thoughts on his time in the Trump administration.

Unlike so many other former members of his administration, he held his tongue and said nothing disparaging of the President or his agenda.

That puts him in rare company indeed.

Do you think Sessions should get another shot, or nah?

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