LMAO: Black Friday Shopping Brawl Gets A Hilarious MMA-Style Commentator

Written by Wes Walker on November 30, 2019

You know those Ozzy Man Reviews videos? If you enjoyed them, you’ll love what this guy did to a clip of two chicks fighting in a store.

First of all, those crazy brawls over marked-down prices are stupid and deserve to be mocked.

It would be sad if a couple of dudes went at it in a store over a discounted TV or sports gear. But when a couple of chicas go ham over whatever it is these two are fighting over, it’s next-level ridiculous.

This isn’t even the ‘mundane’ feral ridiculousness of simple swearing and pulling out handsful of each other’s hair or weave.

This is on-the-ground, guard position, going-for-a-triangle-choke level stupid.

And so… we laugh at it.


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