LMAO: Climate Activists Making Cross-Atlantic Trek Learn 4 Weeks In That Conference Has Been Canceled

Written by Wes Walker on November 1, 2019

Ever have a business meeting fall through? Annoying, maybe, but you just reschedule, right? Not for environmentalists that decided to sail the Atlantic.

At least they’ve been paying attention to the ‘jet setting environmentalist’ criticism that’s been leveled against the rich-and-entitled Eco-zelots who demand everyone ELSE change their lifestyle, live more frugally, and consume less energy’.

These are often the same sort of people who will fly halfway around the world to attend a party on some oil billionaire’s luxury yacht, getting ferried from ship to shore by private helicopter.

At least THIS crowd was aware of the bad optics of flying to an eco-conference. So they sailed.

It took an unexpected turn for them:

The 36 young environmentalists set off from Amsterdam on October 2, using a sailboat in order to highlight the impact of flying on greenhouse gas emissions.
They had completed more than half of their seven-week journey to the UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, which was scheduled to take place in early December.
However Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera announced Wednesday that the country would no longer host the summit, amid protests that have left at least 20 people dead and led to the resignation of eight cabinet ministers.
Source: CNN

Well, that’s gotta be a bummer. Now what? What should they do after that?

The ‘Sail to the COP’ group decided to keep on keeping on… probably.

First, they have to wait and find out where the new location is going to be, and if they are able to get there on time.

With Costa Rica and the city of Bonn, Germany, floated as potential alternative sites for COP25, the activists say that sailing to Brazil means they will be able to attend the eventual summit.
“If the COP would be in Bonn in early 2020 we can still be on time and meanwhile learn from sustainable travel ideas in South America,” the group said.

With all this ‘eco-concern’ with things we actually NEED, like transportation, how long will it be until the Gaia-worshippers realize that they’ve been giving non-essentials a pass.

Pornographic digital streaming generates 81 million tons of carbon each year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 72 countries combined, a new study by the Shift Project found.

…These 72 countries produce much less CO2 than more developed countries. For example, the amount of carbon emissions resulting from pornography are similar to twice the carbon emissions of Hong Kong.
Source: DailyCaller

Maybe when we see Al ‘Invented the Internet’ Gore and Greta turn their ‘how dare you’ message to a sociological UNNECESSARY expenditure instead of ripping on the energy and travel industries that modern economies rely on, we might start to believe this is anything more than just another pseudo-soviet power-grab.


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