WATCH: CNN’s Lemon And Cuomo MOCK President Trump’s ‘Fireside Chat’ Idea

Written by K. Walker on November 1, 2019

The two Dumbest Men On Television, CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo mock the possibility of a “Fireside chat” during the handoff between their shows.

ClashDaily reported earlier that President Trump had tossed around the idea of reading the transcript of the phone call between himself and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a live televised “Fireside Chat.” The thinking behind this is that voters would then see for themselves that there was no improper pressure on Ukraine by Trump.

Cuomo and Lemon don’t think that’s what would happen, though.

Neither of them could hold it together and they both crack up at the idea of it.

(The video above cuts off before the full comments, but you can view it over at Mediaite. Transcript from that video is below.)

LEMON: Can we please have a fireside chat? I want a fireside chat.

CUOMO: What is the president’s ability to read the whole transcript without stopping to comment?

LEMON: You’re reading my mind. It would be so amazing.

CUOMO: [Terrible impression of Trump] And I say, I would like you to do us a favor. You know, a favor, a favor, I didn’t expect anything. Let me go on…

LEMON: [Even worse impression of Trump] What I meant there, when I wrote this book — by the way, I wrote 12 books and they were all really good. He loses… it would be really amazing. We’re laughing, but it’s serious. Listen, when FDR did it, what it was he talked about was fascism and all kinds of things in society.

CUOMO: Yeah, it was about galvanizing the country around the collective pursuit of justice.

LEMON: This is where we are right now. It’s crazy.

CUOMO: I can hear it now, though. [Terrible impression of Trump] So I said to him, Z, cuz you know I call him that because he loves me — they all hated Obama, they love me. And I said, Z, you know, you don’t do much for us, we do a lot for you. But now, you should, you got bad problems there.

LEMON: So I said to myself, ‘Self’…

Lemon later went on for several minutes and said, “please let Trump’s fireside chat happen.”

With this clip, not only did Don Lemon clinch that Dumbest Man On Television title — he also shows that he’s nothing but an utterly ignorant Democrat hack that CNN should be embarrassed that they hired to “report” on politics.

Never forget that Don Lemon is a complete idiot. 

Even Chris Cuomo knows it.

Right before their little banter where Lemon expresses his most heartfelt wish for the fireside chat, this is what was said:

LEMON: Can I say something — this is — people are gonna get mad at me.

CUOMO: Oh, nobody will hear.

That’s because the only people still watching CNN are the poor schlubs trapped in airports and the other poor schlubs that are independent conservative reporters and commentators that call out these nutter “journalists” as the mouthpieces of one political party with a jackass as a symbol.

Welcome to my own personal hell, Dear Reader.

CNN is a form of torture — change my mind.

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