MAKING HISTORY: Trump Becomes First POTUS To Mark Veterans Day In New York

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2019

President Trump chose New York as the place to mark America’s 100th annual Veterans Day ceremonies.

Trump, once again, paid tribute to the Military service of our veterans, and those in attendance who served as far back as World War II, as well as those who have served in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the War on Terror.

Each year, one branch of the military is singled out for particular attention and honor. This year, it was the Marines’ turn.

He recounted their story going back as far as their role in 1776, through to the modern day.

He took time to honor American Rick Rescorla for his service and courage in both Vietnam and in his heroism helping save 2700 souls from a horrific fate in the World Trade Center before the towers collapsed and claimed his life.

Story after story of courage, sacrifice and heroism were recounted with the warmth and admiration one would expect of such a somber ceremony, marking the courage of those who have gone before, but also, those who continue to serve.

Recent victories like the death of al-Baghdadi were comingled with such pivotal battles as the Battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of Concentration Camps.

New York was an interesting choice for marking this ceremony. It showcased the city’s connection to our nation’s rich Military History: New York’s role in 1776. It served as a critical port in the World Wars, and with the attack on the Twin Towers, it was the focal point of the War on Terror.

Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds was perhaps the most poignant story of courage he shared, in which 1292 soldiers were captured after a hard-fought battle, and sent to a prison camp. The order was given to ‘out’ the Jewish Americans, but they protected them at great risk to their own lives. (Start at about time stamp 11:39 to hear that story).

Refreshingly, this is not a President with an instinctive need to eternally atone and apologize for the perceived sins of our nation. This is a President who is deeply proud of the achievements of our nation, and those men and women who made those achievements possible — and by no means the least of them are those who put on the uniform and answer the call, running toward the danger.