Michael Avenatti Charged With Fraud In Nike Extortion Case

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2019

Remember when he was the favorite guest of the Cable networks? Oh how the flaky have fallen!

He spent so much time bragging about how he would become President and see Trump’s family in orange jumpsuits that seeing it boomerang back on Avanetti like this is nothing short of hilarious.

Even now, he’s talking like he’s some kind of a bigshot, rather than a disgraced lawyer that’s been accused of fleecing his own clients, including ‘Stormy Daniels’ and millions of dollars of award money that never made it to his paraplegic client. And that was before these latest indictments.

The charge involving the paraplegic man says Avenatti drained a $4 million settlement paid out to the client by Los Angeles County, using “portions of the settlement to finance his coffee business or pay personal expenses,” the U.S. attorney’s office statement said.

“Avenatti concealed the receipt of the settlement from Client 1 and instead gave him periodic “advances” of no more than $1,900 and paid the rent for his assisted living facility,” the statement said.
Source: NBC

What’s the latest in his sordid story?

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday unveiled a new fraud charge against lawyer Michael Avenatti, accusing him of lying to a client as part of his alleged effort to extort Nike Inc.

The prosecutors also dropped two counts of conspiracy against Avenatti from the case, which was first made public in March, according to a superseding indictment filed in federal court in Manhattan.
Source: BusinessInsider

Shamed or no, his arrogance is undiminished:

Prosecutors said in a court filing on Wednesday that a grand jury in New York had returned a superseding indictment which charges Avenatti with three counts: Transmission of Interstate Communications With Intent To Extort, Extortion, and Wire Fraud.

A second lawyer who was previously referred to as a co-conspirator was not indicted and two conspiracy charges against Avenatti were dropped. The grand jury, however, added one count of wire fraud for depriving his client of honest services. If convicted on all charges, Avenatti could face decades in prison.

Responding to Wednesday’s indictment, Avenatti said he was “extremely pleased” that the two conspiracy counts were dropped. “I expect to be fully exonerated when it’s all said and done,” he said in a message sent to BNO News on Twitter. In a second tweet, Avenatti claimed that the case is “considerably weaker” without the conspiracy charges.
Source: BNONews

Good going, loser. It wasn’t enough for you to be a lawyer. You had to be a shady one.

Was it worth it?

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