Senator Rand Paul BLASTS The Press At Kentucky MAGA Rally… ‘Do Your Job!’

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2019

Trump called Rand Paul up to address his crowd during Monday’s rally. Paul did NOT disappoint.

Rand Paul took a beating in his own backyard. He has no intention of sitting back and taking a political beating as a result of some Democrat dirty tricks.

He’s not sitting back and playing political defense, he is stepping up with a few political jabs of his own.

With so much of the crowd wearing shirts emblazoned with ‘read the transcript’, Rand Paul called some of the political ‘settled science’ into question.

He wasn’t the only one using that quip, either.

Just a few hours earlier this tweet made the rounds:

It really is a good line, though.

And they really DO need to step beyond their partisan tunnel vision and open their eyes to unpleasant facts that undermine or even disprove their narratives.

Doesn’t look like being attacked has hurt Paul’s fighting spirit any, has it?

Good to see we have some GOP members who still know what a spine is for.