Tech Tyranny: Twitter Did NOT Like Scott Walker’s Simple Pro-Christmas Message

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2019

They keep telling us there is ‘no war on Christmas’. We’d like to believe there isn’t, but then we keep seeing stupidity like this.

It doesn’t take much to set these lefties off these days, does it?

Scott Walker sent out a pretty simple Christmas message that set some people off.

No, it wasn’t in the ‘couldn’t-it-wait-at-least-until-after-Thanksgiving’ sense of outrage.

Like the way people feel about the weird neighbor who puts his Christmas lights up somewhere around the 4th of July.

That kind of an objection would at least make some sense. Not so with the Scott Walker Christmas message. They are reacting to something different.

See for yourself.

Here’s his follow-up message:

Stop and think of all the vile and angry things you have seen on social media. Think of all the slanders, all the doxxing, all the tearing down of strangers who dare to hold to the wrong ideas.

And they are worried about Scott Walker uttering what they would call ‘his truth’?

Yes, yes, some will point to the pagan use it held centuries earlier. But aside from a few fringe wannabes trying to revive ancient pagan rites, nobody still uses it in that manner.

There was no other culture but Christianity that imported this tradition to America. And yet, if you flip through the comment section on his tweet you can see a real animosity against the Christian symbolism.

The same people who rage against the ‘cultural appropriation’ of wearing a sombrero at a taco joint want to strip the Christmas tree of its historical value.

The same people who so regularly denounce the ‘erasure’ of individuals and cultures will intentionally strip Christmas Trees of their traditional Christian context.