#MAGA: Trump’s 2020 Campaign Is Raking In Cash From — Suburban Women

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2019

If suburban women are such an Achilles heel for the President, why are they donating so much money?

It couldn’t be that the gloom-and-doom reporting about how suburban women turned their backs on him is wrong, could it?

Nah, when has our esteemed press been wrong about ANYTHING before?

Oh right. That’s a pretty impressive list.


As for the contempt they supposedly have for Trump’s winner-take-all rough-and-tumble style, we have been solemnly assured that Trump has lost the support of suburban women for precisely that reason.

Maybe someone can explain to us where all this money has been coming from, then?

‘More than any of the Democrats’.

Well that’s an interesting statistic, isn’t it?

Despite a crush of stories that suggest he is losing suburbs largely due to women deserting him, President Trump is seeing a surge in donations from women and is tops in receiving big checks from suburban women.

He has the most big-dollar suburban women donors, 10,534, and has received the most from them, $8,293,135, than any of the Democrats, according to a study from OpenSecrets.org, part of the Center for Responsive Politics.

Overall, he ranks fifth in donations from women at $15.1 million. The leader is Sen. Bernie Sanders at $17.1 million, according to the group.

Statistically, 28% of Trump’s “itemized contributions” from women in 2016. For the 2020 election, they are 35%.

But it could be higher, and likely is, said OpenSecrets. That is because it is easier to get information on small donors who give $200 or less from Democrats than the Trump campaign.

Let’s see. If the Democrats’ logic holds any water, we should expect there to have been a drop in overall support from female voters, shouldn’t we?

What are the numbers telling us? Going by that report, he’s seen a 7% jump. The gap between male and female donors is now closing.

And if he’s seeing record levels of donations, we obviously cannot account for that change just by saying there has been a corresponding drop in male support.

Isn’t that interesting?

Does that line up with what the Media(D) have been selling us?

Does anything, for that matter?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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