WATCH: Antifa Are Being Their Usual Dopey Selves At Portland #WalkAway Event

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2019

Dear Portland, send better anarchists. These ones are pathetic.

If a community like Portland is going to go all-in in their effort of setting themselves up as a sanctuary city for all manner of politicized ‘resistance’ movements, with the complicity of city managers, they should at least have the decency to put on a decent show when right-wing speakers blow into town.

The hostile ‘welcome wagon’ the #WalkAway speakers received numbered all the way into the TENS of protesters. *Yawn*

Where were the rest of them? Too busy watching something on TV? And what’s the deal with the trumpet?

The upside was that clowns like these are not nearly as aggressive when they lack numerical advantage.

We also learned that they don’t really have very much to say when asked basic man on the street style interview questions by the very people they are protesting.

If you thought the turnout was sad, wait until you hear their chants.

They had some real winners, for instance: “Be gay, do crimes”.

Here’s a short version:

Here’s the full 10-minute version.

When asked the really hard questions like ‘how are you tonight’ dude in black clothes and a face mask regaled us with the meh answer ‘I guess that’s relative.’

Or when Austen ‘Fleccas’ Fletcher asked another protester: Let’s see if we can find some common ground, what are you mad about? The reply from Ms Mask was ‘there is no common ground.’

Q “Are you proud to be an American?” — A: not particularly… it’s better than being from Turkey.

The most surprising part was how they all seemed to be standing around waiting for someone to tell them what they were all supposed to do next.

The whole thing seems to be leaderless and rudderless.

At what point do you just decide the protest itself is more embarrassing than intimidating?

Do you know what’s actually kind of funny about the chants and heckling? At least two of the people they were trying to heckle are actually gay.

What are they protesting?