Hey Pelosi: Brenda Lawrence Breaks From Impeachment Sham Lemmings… Is That ‘Bipartisan’?

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2019

Pelosi promised us that we would have bipartisanship in any steps toward impeachment. So far, the only signs of bipartisanship tilt AGAINST Schiff’s impeachment plan.

With Pelosi’s rhetoric that any reps who DON’T favor the Impeachment and removal of Trump are somehow ‘unpatriotic’… is she now willing to point that accusing finger at members in her own caucus?

We have one Democrat in a ‘safe seat’ (Dem +30) who is breaking with the pack not out of any fear that she’ll lose her seat, but because she does not believe there is sufficient evidence for impeachment.

She doesn’t LIKE what Trump did.

She’s in favor of issuing a Censure.

But she is NOT convinced there is any reasonable cause for Impeachment.

She’s got a pretty good sense of how this will all play out.

She’s smart enough to know this isn’t going anywhere in the Senate, so what’s the point, really?

Especially when we’re just a year away from another election.

She’s got a point.

Unlike any other government positions, the office of President is directly in the hands of the entire American population. What could possibly be a better remedy — if they really believe he’s done something improper — than to allow the entire US populace to make that decision next November?

Or could the Democrats be afraid that the Citizens of their great nation cannot be trusted with such a momentous decision?

Whatever happened for all of their rhetoric about ‘smooth transitions of power’?

Or are only Republicans supposed to relinquish it without a struggle?


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