WATCH: Horse With A Very Trumpian Name Wins The Breeder’s Cup

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2019

LMAO — Has anyone asked if the horse is tired of winning yet?

Will the three-year-old filly’s success on the track lead to a softening of the owner’s views toward Trump? Maybe not.

But isn’t it funny to see that despite the negative press, there is so much winning going on?

Despite the negative press was a clue, by the way. It was the rest of the famous tweet from which the horse took its name:

You guessed it. The name is ‘Covfefe’.

Covfefe’s unusual name was bestowed on her by co-owner Jamie Roth, who runs the LNJ Foxwoods stable, after she saw a Trump tweet in May 2017 complaining of “constant negative press covfefe.”

“We gave the name to her because we thought she was special and we thought the name was kind of funny,” Roth told USA Today. Embracing the spirit of the name, the horse even has her own Twitter account that pokes fun at the president. Titled “RealCovfefeRacehorse,” the account often plays off of Trump’s statements online.

…“He’s not for me, but obviously he is for some other people,” she said of Trump. “He just doesn’t stand for the things that I believe it. But I believe in Covfefe.’’
Source: FoxNews

At least the owner recognizes something that most Democrats do not — you don’t have to be a monster to like the Republican vision for the nation.

Funny thing about that is, Trump’s strongest supporters aren’t exactly the kind that have to worry about things like ‘what should I name my racehorse’.

They’re more interested in basic questions like the economy and public safety.

Will my hometown, or my industry still have work in the next few years? Will the surging Cartel violence and corruption in Mexico spill over into our country? Can I REALLY trust that the powerful and politically connected are playing by the same rules and laws that the rest of us have to play by?

Simpler still — will one political party unravel some 200-plus years of work by swallowing the same poison that so devastated places like Russia, Eastern Europe, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cambodia and others?

Congrats to Covfefe on the big win.

What’s the big takeaway here? It could probably be almost whatever narrative you WANT to take away from a story like this. It’s just a horse running a race after all.

But here’s one viable takeaway:

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to benefit from the WINNING that his policies have leveraged here… DESPITE the negative press.

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