WATCH: President Trump Reads Tweets Posted By The Whistleblower’s LAWYER

Written by Wes Walker on November 7, 2019

That lawyer who’s working with the supposed whistleblower in the effort to impeach Trump forgot to scrub his Social Media history.

Trump is NOT pulling his punches with these swamp critters.
Not. At. ALL.

And now that it’s become known that he had specific plans to prevent Trump from completing his first Term as President right from the beginning, it adds weight to Trump’s allegations that these allegations against him were fabricated as part of a deliberate conspiracy to remove him.

It sure would explain all those suspicious connections between the whistleblower and Shifty’s staffers… and the trips his staffers took to Ukraine before anyone had seen the official complaint. A trip funded by people with a connection to… Burisma. And you can throw in the tweet Schiff wrote about this very topic before the complaint went public for good measure.

But there’s nothing at all suspicious about any of this… right?

Ok. Then it shouldn’t be hard to explain what he was doing here in 2017. Did the amazing Kreskin here know that Trump would one day have a conversation with an as-yet not elected President in Ukraine?

Does this count as ‘motive’?

One week after what now? Does he not understand what ‘at the pleasure of the President’ means? But the Obama holdovers will get their revenge.

And here he is invoking an interesting term Coup, eh?

Sounds conspiratorial. Tell us more, why don’t you?

Trump made the lawyer famous in a way that only Trump can.

So, people did digging in his OTHER public records. What kind of a grown man looks at — and ‘likes’ — videos of female Disney actresses from the time they were still kids?

Does he realize how creepy that looks? It wasn’t just one, either.

We do find it interesting that he accurately predicted — all the way back in 2017 — how complicit CNN would be in their concerted efforts to knock off Trump.

It’s almost as though he knew about those 9 am Jeff Zucker anti-Trump staff meetings that Project Veritas managed to uncover.

What ELSE should we know about this so-called whistleblower. Are there any other conflicts of interest we ought to know about?

After all, conflicts-of-interest and motive ARE some of the things that get evaluated in ACTUAL whistle-blower situations. What makes this one so special?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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