The SIN Of Anxiety, Worry & Fear

Written by Doug Giles on November 7, 2019

If you are looking for excuses or commiserating about how hard things are, this isn’t the show for you. But if you want diamond-hard honesty that’ll challenge you to step up and step out, buckle up and dive in!

When guys confess sin, what does it almost always come back to? Trying to keep the trouser-snake from transgressing.

Seriously? THAT’s what concerns you most? That’s some real small-ball thinking.

How about repenting of a life that — if we’re really honest about it — is characterized by the implicit belief that God doesn’t REALLY have your back when the chips are down?

Sure, he can breathe life into a dead and wayward soul, change his ultimate trajectory from an eternity of shame and torment to an eternity of joy. He can handle THAT.

But the really TOUGH stuff like — will he back me up when I’ve gotta make that house payment, or can I put my trust in him when the Doctor walks into the room with some ominous test results?

Spoiler alert, my little Christians. The Lord of Glory already answered that question, and it wasn’t with an airy-fairy ‘God understands my weakness answer.

He’s calling us all to something better. And he felt so strongly about it that he built it into the most famous sermon that ever dropped from his lips.

When was the last time you’ve ever heard a sermon talk about what scripture called as ‘an evil heart of unbelief’? Well, now you can reset that clock to today.

Worry refuses to know God. It refuses to trust God. It refuses to love God. Ergo, worry is a serious sin. Rich and Doug discuss how to tackle this demon in this epic podcast

Jesus COMMANDS us not to worry. So there’s gotta be a way to obey Him in that, right? You bet there is.

It’ll step on some toes for sure, but like those other times God gets our attention, we’ll all be the better for it.

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