WATCH: TWO Former CIA Directors PRAISE The DEEP STATE For Role In Impeachment

Written by K. Walker on November 1, 2019

Exactly how bad is the “Deep State”? Here are a couple of former Directors of the CIA going on record that they love the Deep State more than the will of the people.

How lovely.

Ex-CIA Director John McLaughlin was effusive in his praise of the intelligence agents that are working tirelessly to undermine the President and push for impeachment. At one point, he even said, “Thank God for the Deep State.”

On Wednesday, Former Acting CIA Directors John McLaughlin and John Brennan were speaking at an event hosted by George Mason University at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., which was moderated by CBS reporter Margaret Brennan. Also in attendance was former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. It was like a Spygate reunion of sorts.

Speaking to McLaughlin, Margaret Brennan said, “There is something unique you have to agree that now that the impeachment inquiry is underway, sparked by a complaint from someone within the intelligence community, it feeds the president’s concern, an often-used term about a ‘deep state’ being there to take him out.”

McLaughlin replied, “Well, you know, thank God for the ‘deep state’.” The crowd laughed and clapped in response.

Well, the response from the crowd can’t be any real surprise. What did you expect from a Deep Statey event with notorious anti-Trump Deep Staters held in the deepest, darkest, and swampiest heart of the Swamp?

McLaughlin was so proud of the Deep State’s role in overturning the 2016 Presidential election and thwarting the President’s agenda because the Deep Staters know better than the little people.

“With all of the people who knew what was going on here, it took an intelligence officer to step forward and say something about it, which was the trigger that then unleashed everything else,” McLaughlin said.

He was referring to the fact that an intelligence officer filed the whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s July call with Ukraine — a conversation Democrats have described as showing Trump inappropriately asked a foreign country to interfere in the 2020 elections by investigating his political rival.

He went on to praise the intelligence community. “This is the institution within the U.S. government — that with all of its flaws, and it makes mistakes — is institutionally committed to objectivity and telling the truth,” he said.

“It is one of the few institutions in Washington that is not in a chain of command that makes or implements policy. Its whole job is to speak the truth — it’s engraved in marble in the lobby.”

Source: Fox News


Former CIA Director under President Obama, John Brennan, well-known liar and leaker, said that he’s “proud” of the Deep State because they “tell the truth”.

Brennan also reiterated that the Russians did indeed sway votes in the 2016 Presidential election. He said, “sure, personally, that those Russian efforts changed the mind of at least one voter.”

“Whether it was one voter or a million voters, I don’t know,” he added.

Brennan, who led the CIA from 2013 to 2017 during Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration, said he was speaking on his own behalf, noting that the impact on the vote was something the CIA “did not assess.”

But he said there was no question there was some effect – possibly affecting the final result itself, which brought Republican Donald Trump to the presidency.

“How many, in which states, I don’t know. Whether it changed the outcome, I don’t know,” Brennan said.

Source: Reuters

Thanks for whatever the hell that was, John. You said nothing that was worth saying. Foreign governments try to influence foreign elections for their own personal gain all the time. [See: Obama trying to ensure Bibi’s defeat in the 2015 Israeli election, and tossing his support for Canadian Prime Minister Blackface.] That’s seriously nothing new, and if you don’t know that as a former top spy, well, then it’s a damned good thing that you’re not in the job anymore.

However, this is likely just more spin and knee-jerk anti-GOP blather that is spouted pretty regularly by Brennan.

Besides, it’s not like we had a full two-year investigation into Russian election meddling or anything and came up with bupkis. 

Besides, Brennan et co. are likely quaking in their boots and trying to deflect from their own wrongdoing as the investigation into illegal spying on the Trump campaign carries on apace. 

We’ll see who comes up smelling like a rose at the end of the day.

Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be the Swamp Creatures of the Deep State.

Here’s the key takeaway: They don’t think that the average American should be able to decide who runs the country if it disagrees with their view of who should be in power. They hate Trump and they hate you because you voted for Trump. Never forget it. #DrainTheSwamp

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