While Schiff Tries To Undercut Our President’s Global Influence, Here’s What’s Been Happening Around The World

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2019

For all their talk about Trump ’emboldening’ our enemies, what could embolden them more than a sustained attempt to remove him from office and call him illegitimate?

Let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening around the world while we’ve been caught up on Schiff’s Soviet-style Showtrial.

CHINA / Hong Kong:
China has wrongfully incarcerated perhaps a million ethnic Uighurs, has bulldozed Christian churches, has quietly amassed a network of influence and indebtedness around the world while stealing technology and putting a jackboot on the throats of freedom-loving semi-autonomous neighbors in Hong Kong.

Trump and Congress have been talking tough, instituting sanctions, bringing their economy low, but it’s hard to take a tough line and a moral high road when his own country’s elected officials are calling Trump illegitimate and criminal — with only the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence.

Bolivia is getting ready for free and fair elections after throwing out Socialist Moralez and 700 Cuban doctors whose work there was a cash cow for Cuba. Some of their leaders fled to Mexico for sanctuary, but Bolivians will want to see them face charges.

Venezuela’s corrupt leader is still being propped up by Cuba, Russia and China in exchange for oil at below-market prices.

Israel is going into their third election within a single year, potentially tottering on the brink of war with their neighbors as cross-border attacks there have escalated again — all while Netanyahu faces legal troubles from his political rivals described by some observers as being roughly equivalent to (and just as cynically driven as) Trump’s own here at home.

The UK is going into another election that will (hopefully) spell out once and for all what exactly will happen with Brexit. And it would help to have a strong President there to start negotiating a bilateral trade deal right away.

Iran is on the brink of full-scale revolt, and it would be a good time to have a strong President offering support and assurances to whatever NON-genocidal rulers they might choose to represent their people will be welcomed to rejoin the global marketplace.

North Korea — Kim senses Trump may be in a weakened position, unable to effectively reign him in, and he has been testing the limits of agreed-upon boundaries lately to see whether he gets his hand slapped back or not.

These are just some of the BIG stories globally. There are also the ongoing slow burns — including Russia; Diplomatic Gordonian Knots (see: Turkey); first tentative steps toward concluding the shooting war in Afghanistan, and the ever-shifting sands of the politically and economically volatile African continent.

Even right here at home, we haven’t yet bothered to sign the USMCA. Because the jobs gained by that are not as great a priority as the damage they hope to inflict with this impeachment charade.

These would all point to some excellent reasons to NOT kneecap the one person most directly responsible for our Foreign Policy without a reason so compelling that — as Nancy Pelosi told us — both sides would have no choice but to support it.

To date, we have NOT yet seen anything fitting such a description. Even the Democrats cannot settle upon what actual crime they allege the President has committed that should cost him his Presidency.