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‘A Divided Left Is Losing The Battle On Abortion’ Says The NYT In Full Panic Mode

The left is worried that abortion may become the key issue in 2020 — an issue that they’re losing.

This is really their own fault. The view on abortion may be changing, but most people recognize that at some point, that fetus is actually a baby and deserves to be protected. Not everyone is on board with the moment of conception, but most people find abortion at 40 weeks monstrous. In essence, abortion is retroactive birth control, and it takes a life.

The abortion lobby has been pushing fake statistics about deaths from “back-alley abortions” for decades. It has strong-armed women to agree or be called “gender traitors” for holding pro-life views. And there is the staunch refusal to acknowledge that the abortion ends a human life.

Due to a series of miscalculations, flubs, and outright arrogance, the pro-abortion movement is on the defensive.

They had never imagined that Trump would win in 2016, and are in full-on panic mode for 2020.

The New York Times article says:

As Planned Parenthood and its progressive allies have rallied the resistance, the shift in fortunes in the abortion wars has been mostly attributed to the right’s well-executed game plan. Less attention has been paid to the left’s role in its own loss of power.

But interviews with more than 50 reproductive rights leaders, clinic directors, political strategists and activists over the past three months reveal a fragmented movement facing longstanding divisions — cultural, financial and political. Many said that abortion rights advocates and leading reproductive rights groups had made several crucial miscalculations that have put them on the defensive.

Yes, these “decisions” like not fighting harder for the appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to keep the “relatively balanced” Supreme Court.

National leaders became overly reliant on the protections granted by a Democratic presidency under Mr. Obama and a relatively balanced Supreme Court, critics say, leading to overconfidence that their goals were not seriously threatened. Their expectation that Mr. Trump would lose led them to forgo battles they now wish they had fought harder, like Judge Merrick B. Garland’s failed nomination to the bench.

Ha! “Relatively balanced”? What are these people smoking?!

Guess who they are throwing under the bus? Barack Hussein Obama… Mmmm, mmm, mmm!

“Looking at the prior presidential administration, there was a perception that everything is fine,” said Kwajelyn Jackson, the executive director of the Feminist Women’s Health Center, an independent clinic in Atlanta that has provided abortions since 1976. “We were screaming at the top of our lungs, everything is not fine, please pay attention.”

To be fair, it’s not all Barry’s fault — Planned Parenthood is a mess. After the ghoulish Cecile Richards who was at the helm during the “shout your abortion” movement resigned, Dr. Leana Wen took over and wanted to steer the company towards women’s healthcare and away from the political action. 

Discord at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest and most influential abortion provider, exacerbated the problem. In July the group’s new president, Dr. Leana Wen, was forced out in a messy departure highlighting deep internal division over her management style and how much emphasis to place on the political fight for abortion rights.

Planned Parenthood’s acting head, Alexis McGill Johnson, said that Mr. Trump’s election, new abortion restrictions and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court provided a wake-up call to many national leaders, including herself, that forced them to confront the entrenched challenges of class dividing their movement.

Of course, Republicans “pounce” on the weakness, and that’s the real story.

The right is pouncing on this moment of tumult, threatening to wield abortion politics to its favor in the 2020 presidential race. A leading anti-abortion political group, the Susan B. Anthony List, has more than doubled its campaign budget, from $18 million in 2016 to $41 million this cycle. Its goal is to reach four million voters, up from 1.2 million in 2016. The group says surveys it has conducted in swing states like Arizona and North Carolina show that portraying Democrats as supporters of infanticide — an allegation the left says is patently false — can win neutral voters to their side.

“They have fallen from that pinnacle of power to this,” Penny Nance, president of the Concerned Women for America, a conservative group that opposes abortion, said of the abortion rights movement.

“I hope they continue doing what they are doing,” she said of the left’s political strategy. “We’ll run the table in 2020.”
Source: New York Times

Fact check: True.

More Americans are coming to realize that the abortion movement has become a macabre celebration of the deaths of innocents. Abortion itself is on the decline. Even Vox has noted that abortion rates are at an all-time low.

Maybe the pro-choice movement shouldn’t have shifted from “safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion” in 5 seconds.

Just a thought.

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