White House Gives Blistering Response To Nadler’s Impeachment Participation Letter

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2019

The White House isn’t even dressing it up as a cordial conversation. They’re letting the Dems have it with both barrels.

If this letter was supposed to be a CYA attempt on the Democrats’ part to make it look like the President is NOT being railroaded in this process, the answer given by the White House will reveal the lie of that to any impartial observer following along at home.

The fact that it was scheduled on a date that was in conflict with a NATO leaders meeting, on only a few days’ warning, with only the sketchiest of explanations of what to expect did NOT go unnoticed.

Here is a link to the official response:

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We will include screenshots of the text below:

The Trumpinator: every time his rivals think they’ve got him down and out, he stands back up and keeps on coming.

They laughed when he announced his candidacy. They thought he was going to some circus act. 

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

He survived the primaries and got the nomination. He knocked out Crooked Hillary.

He beat CNN at their own game, and their ratings are now circling the toilet.

Mueller and the Dossier aren’t just coming up empty, they’re exposing the misdeeds of Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and all the rest.

And Trump is still keeping promises, and getting things done.

The economy is doing exactly what he promised it would. #PromisesKept

And in 2020, The Trumpinator is gonna do it again.

He’ll be back.

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