LMAO: Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Dossier’ Is A Fancy French Term For ‘Load Of Crap’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 10, 2019

Here’s a reminder that Kellyanne Conway was an excellent surrogate for President Trump during the 2016 election — and she still is.

Maybe it was something in the water, but Kellyanne Conway was on fire yesterday!

Perhaps some of those Democrat tears flowing in D.C. right now as the impeachment circus unravels is getting into the water supply.

Whatever it is, President Trump’s former campaign manager and current Counselor to the President was absolutely savage to the Democrats and their Media(D) sycophants.

She shredded Buzzfeed and CNN (without naming them) for reporting on the unverified Steele Dossier because it was salacious.

CONWAY: It’s a good time to remind everybody that “dossier” is just a fancy French term for a “load of crap” and it’s a big reason why respectable outlets all through 2016 would not run with the dossier. I know you wanted to, but you couldn’t. And they waited until January 10 because they knew the President was having a big press conference in the atrium of Trump Tower the next day. I tried to help out a network that night by telling one of its anchors what was true and not true in their reporting. I stand by that. It’s still true — still untrue and still true. And we’ll see more of that today, but I hope that you won’t just say there’s nothing there, they didn’t spy, da-da-dah — there’s not nothing there. And anybody — which, I think includes everybody in here and their parents — who covered collusion and Russia and the Mueller investigation at any point, owes it to the country to cover this, too.

Then she goes after CNN’s ratings and Speaker Pelosi simultaneously.

CONWAY: They did this to themselves and they’re in a bind. Because you saw she was on a town hall the other night. It tanked in the ratings, but more importantly, she actually said during the town hall, ‘Can we talk about something other than impeachment?’ That’s pretty funny because we’re doing that every day. The President is not just not talking about impeachment, he’s doing the business of this country. But we feel like — in some ways it’s an out-of-body experience for me because we’re not participating, we’re watching, we’re spectators, too. And it’s just unfamiliar to me, this process. It’s unfamiliar. Is it a hearing? Is it a fact-finding, fact-gathering? There wasn’t a fact witness last week among these four professors. Not a single fact witness. Matt Gaetz asked them that — the Congressman from Florida — and they all admitted that there wasn’t a fact witness.

When she was asked by NBC’s White House Press correspondent, Hallie Jackson, if the White House was prepared to accept all of the findings in the Inspector General’s report, she drop-kicked the Media(D) into next week by doing their job for them.

It was a thing of beauty.

CONWAY: Are you prepared to cover them all, or just the ones you think fit the narrative that you’ve been pushing for 3 years, Hallie? Oh, no, respectfully, I’m very curious to see if you’ll cover — are you going to say ‘Oh, well, they didn’t say anybody did anything wrong. They didn’t say anybody spied on the campaign.’ Or will you, in fact, say that no good comes out of people of the highest echelons of the FBI and the DOJ playing around with American democracy and American tax dollars by secreting from their superiors — one, Bruce Ohr secreting from his superiors that he met with Christopher Steele, and secreting from his superiors that his wife, Nellie Ohr, simultaneously worked for Fusion GPS which met with Steele and helped to assemble the dossier. That they concealed — that they concealed… Well, I’m highlighting what I know will be in there, I don’t know everything that will be in there, but it’s certainly… I’m just putting out there — I’m helping you out. I’m putting out there a few things that you may want to cover that will be in the report. We should all look at the fullness of the report. It won’t be nothing. There won’t be nothing in there.

It looks like Kellyanne is ready for 2020!


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