Owned: Gaetz Takes Democrat Lawyer Goldman To Truthtown (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 10, 2019

Matt Gaetz was clearly out of patience with the Democrat games. He used his opportunity to grill their lawyer to absolutely skewer him. Did Goldman just get caught in a lie?

Rep Gaetz teed this questioning session off perfectly with Pelosi’s quote from a few months ago insisting that for an impeachment process to be taken seriously, it needs to be bipartisan. (Which it objectively has not been thus far, including the votes to launch it in the first place.)

In that context, he turned his attention to the liberal lawyer Mr. Goldman.

Gaetz: Mr. Goldman, are you here as a partisan advocate for the Democrat position, or are you here as a non-partisan investigator of the facts?

(indignant response)

Gaetz: Are you a partisan?

Goldman: I am not a partisan.

Gaetz: (to Republican lawyer Stephen Castor) How long have you worked for the House?

Castro: Since 2005.

Gaetz: Same question, Mr. Goldman.

Goldman: Since earlier this year.

Gaetz: (to Castor) Do you make political donations? “I don’t remember any.”

Gaetz: Mr. Goldman, same question. Do you make any political donations?

(Goldman begins to explain why he …)

Gaetz: Matter of fact, you’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, right?

(More protestations)

Gaetz: Have you given ovder $100 thousand to Democrats? I just want to know the number. I don’t really care teh basis. Have you given more than $100 thousand to Democrats?

Goldman, indignant: you don’t care about it?

Gaetz: The basis. I just want the number.

(Cross-talk, non-reply)

Gaetz: Do you know how much money Mr. Burke has given to Democrats?

Goldman: I don’ know and I don’t

Gaetz: Would it surprise you if it’s more than $100 thousand?

Goldman: Mr. Gaetz, I’m here to talk about…

Gaetz: So you gave tens of thousands and Mr. Burke gave hundreds — or more than a hundred thousand — do you think if you’d given more money you might have been able to ask questions AND answer them like Mr. Burke did?

(Stunned silence)

Gaetz: I guess it’s something you’re still pondering. Mr Castor, have you ever tweeted anything at the President?

Castor: No.

Mr. Goldman, same question

Goldman: Begins an explanation of ‘private capacity’…

Gaetz puts the following tweet dated Aug 5, 2018 up on display:

What lying? Nothing in the dossier has proved to be false (including your pee tape). But we can agree that we all look forward to the facts coming out. Everything that has come out so far as shown you to be an out and out liar. (eg: Cohen tape, purpose of June 9 meeting, etc)

Gaetz then started enumerating known lies found in the dossier including the non-existent Russian consolate in Miami, the false reference to Michael Cohen visiting Prague, the false claim that Cohen’s wife is Russian (she’s Ukranian).

Gaetz: And so, as we sit here today where I guess you got a tweet mentioning a ‘peetape’ presenting yourself not as a partisan, hired by the Democrats to pursue the President do you regret that tweet?

(Gives a rambling non-response.)

I just want to know if you if you regret that tweet, Mr. Goldman.

(during my ten years…)

Do you regret it?

(more self-jusification)

You either regret it or you don’t regret it. I guess you don’t want to answer the question.