Cancel Culture Comes For Band Tweeting ‘Hello Negros’ … But There’s An Innocent Explanation

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2019

Before you get upset about what it is you say, you’ll want to open an online map or an atlas.

The band in question is called SB19. They’re Filipino and touring the country in their ‘In Your Zone’ tour.

Here they are:

When their tour took them to one island in particular, their social media greeting caught the notice of others, because it used a phrase English-speakers took to mean something very different.

Here’s the tweet:

You might think the bilingual nature of the tweet might be something of a tip-off that it isn’t saying THAT.

But twitter mobs have never been accused of being intellectually curious or the least bit sophisticated. Nuance and context are regularly lost on such people.

What was the ‘offensive tweet’?

You just can’t say ‘Negros’ on social media!

What’s that? Negros is an island in the Philippines?

And here’s what happens when someone gets passive-aggressive over a misunderstanding and shows himself to be the bigot.

Some people are just DESPERATE to be offended.

About everything.

All the time.