Charlie Kirk’s Tweet SMOKES Biden For Talking Tough About Throwing Energy Execs In Jail

Written by Wes Walker on December 31, 2019

Somebody call a medic for old Joe here. He’s gonna need it after this roasting.

Joe Biden shooting his mouth off and being some combination of goofy and asinine is nothing new. You can practically set your watch by his next screw-up.

Even HE calls himself a ‘gaffe machine’.

For some reason, that STILL hasn’t hurt him in the Democrat primaries. But it DOES make you wonder exactly HOW far he can jam his foot down his own throat before the DEMs start looking elsewhere for a ‘champion’ of their cause.


He was calling for energy executives to go to jail?

Biden, what were you thinking? You practically gift-wrapped that one.

Charlie Kirk saw that perfect pitch and swung for the fences with this tweet:

Great job making HUNTER Biden and Burisma the story again, Joe. How could that POSSIBLY work against you?

By the way, how is that going to work with your grand plan of ‘lowering incarceration rates’? Are you going to empty prisons just to fill them with people your political base doesn’t like? How very Stalinist of you, Joe.

Being Joe’s campaign manager must be almost as thankless a job as being Michael Moore’s fitness coach.

It’s funny that Biden mentions sending energy execs to jail because we still have some unanswered questions about his son’s business dealings