Covington Teen Nick Sandmann Tweets About Jersey City Shooting

Written by Wes Walker on December 12, 2019

If you admired Nick for how he handled that moment of confrontation that made his school a national story, you are REALLY going to like this.

For all the hate and contempt this young man suffered, he didn’t use it as an excuse to become cynical or angry.

Hardships, they say, not only help form your character but they also show the world what you’re really made of… Nick passed that first test with flying colors.

Now that the same group that harassed him is implicated in racially motivated murder in New Jersey, we get another window into what the young man is made of.

Notice the lack of rancor in his comments. He is more interested in those who were hurt than in the group that had wronged him and his friends personally.

He’s offering kind and gracious words of support for those who are suffering.

Even the point he raises in his tweet is a rational and measured one… one that might perhaps be taken to heart by the media who claim they’re here to protect us.

He notes that this might have been preventable and the role the media might have played in shining a sanitizing light on this vitriolic and angry group that — if reports about it are accurate — not only embraces violent rhetoric but violence per se.

If the media weren’t so busy trying to characterize some teenage boys who got caught in public wearing ‘the wrong hat’ as stone cold racists — and by extension, all Trump supporters — maybe they would have noticed just how vicious the group now connected with this grisly racially-motivated murder really was.


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