BOOM! Sen. Chuck Grassley Drags Dems And The Media(D) For Criticizing Pursuing Criminal Referral Of Christopher Steele

Written by Wes Walker on December 12, 2019

Hey, media hotshots — have any of you got anything to say about how VERY wrong you’ve been about FBI malfeasance and the Steele Dossier? Because your past positions are a matter of public record.

And, as they like to say on social media… Grassley’s got the receipts.

Here’s his epic thread where he starts calling individuals out by name:

First up — Feinstein.

Next, up, it should surprise none of us, is CNN:

Next up, the place Democracy goes to die in darkness… WaPo:

NeverTrumper Max Boot got called out as the Liberal he truly is… and a dishonest one at that. And then, what a surprise, a Democrat employee working toward House impeachment…

Look who was caught celebrating Fusion GPS:

And now the IG has blown their narratives all to Hell.

CNN again…

And CNBC’s bogus take did not age well.

And to round it out, we have WSJ/WaPo contributor Shane Harris defending the indefensible…

They’ll all get right on with offering prompt apologies to everyone on the Right they all worked so hard to malign, right?

Of course not. They’re entirely unaccountable. That’s why they’re fake news, and that’s why they are working so hard to shut down the alternative voices in the New Media that call them out on their Bull-Schiff.