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Gervais And Rowling: Two Culture Warriors Fighting Against Extreme Transgender Activism

In a surprising turn of events, a pair of prominent leftists are taking a stand against some extreme transgender activists.

There is a strange, new thing happening in the LGBTQ+ movement — some transgender activists are denying basic biology and in doing so are undermining the “L,” “G.” and “B” in LGBTQ+.

If this is so, then homosexuality has no meaning and this has caused a stir within the LGBTQ+ movement, especially with lesbians who are opposing individuals with male genitals insisting that they, too, are lesbians and it is “transphobic” to not perform intimate acts with their “female penis.” This has been coined the “Cotton Ceiling” and it’s utterly ridiculous. For the vast majority of people, sexual arousal is based on certain biological realities — whether that is either heterosexual or homosexual attraction.

Some trans activists have pushed the idea that biological men can be women simply if they decide to do so. Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the LGBT lobbying group, Human Rights Campaign have all proclaimed that they ascribe to this brand new view of reality where biological sex has been relegated to a “social construct.”

Self-identification is hardly a rational basis for determining what womanhood and manhood mean. There are inherent biological differences between males and females that are being ignored simply because acknowledging science as a fact could hurt people’s feelings.

Clearly, self-identification could violate women’s sex-based rights. It opens up a whole can of worms like the problems with health records, illnesses that present differently with men and women, the invasion of biological males in female-only spaces, and the complete elimination of women’s sport.

To be clear, there are some people who identify as transgender who actively oppose this kind of self-ID nonsense.

But, it seems that this new view of sex and gender is the acceptable one and God alone help you if you dare say that biology is real and immutable — especially if you do so to defend women’s rights.

This is the position of many conservatives who adhere to biological reality as fact, and it’s a bit surprising that some confirmed leftists have decided to draw a line in the sand on this point.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, learned quickly that trans-activists can be vicious as she was labeled a “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) for supporting Maya Forstater, a woman who was fired for opposing self-identification laws by stating biological facts in defense of women’s rights.

Disagreeing that biology can suddenly be altered by self-identification is suddenly “transphobic.”

Rowling isn’t “erasing” transgender individuals as her critics claim, she is standing up for women’s rights.

It is the transgender activists who cannot define what a woman is that is erasing the concept of womanhood.

It’s ironic since Rowling has virtue-signaled by declaring that her characters are part of protected groups. For example, after the entire series was written, she declared that the beloved character, Professor Dumbledore was gay and that Hermione Granger was actually black.

Her retroactive “wokeness” is the subject of mockery as in this video by YouTube comedian, Gus Johnson:

Rowling is now the target of the very “cancel culture” that she helped create.

[On the plus side, if she is “canceled” this may mean that the comparisons between Trump and Voldemort will stop because clearly, some millennials have only ever read the 7 Harry Potter books and would have no other literary references to make.]

Comedian Ricky Gervais has been openly mocking the creepy Canadian “Wax My Balls” transgender activist, Jessica Yaniv, for launching human rights complaints against immigrant women who refused to wax male genitalia despite not being trained to do so.

It all began when he replied to a tweet about Yaniv posted by the satirical leftist twitter account, Titania McGrath.

He got a lot of backlash and was called a transphobe for his tweet, but pointed out that Yaniv is a really, really weird and creepy individual who asked very disturbing questions about and to young girls.

Speaking of weird and creepy, Gervais tweeted that he was considering dressing up as Yaniv for Halloween.

He found the backlash hilarious!

After Yaniv’s bad news with the British Columbia Human Rights tribunal, the activist decided to go after a gynecologist for refusing to schedule an examination.

Gervais was back at it mocking Yaniv for the ridiculousness of the need for a biological male to schedule a visit with a gynecologist.

In an interview with Andrew Doyle, the journalist, comedian, and political satirist who writes the Titania McGrath account, Gervais spoke about the new Puritanical outrage on social media.

‘Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it?’ he replies. ‘The new puritans aren’t 60-year-old women in twinsets and pearls, the Christian right trying to make us turn off our televisions because they don’t like it. It’s a younger crowd with trendy haircuts, who you’d think would have left-leaning liberal sensibilities, who have invented this new term “hate speech”.’

But he’s hopeful for the future.

He believes that the puritanical trend is ‘already on the turn’. I end our conversation by asking how comedians might hasten its demise. ‘Ignore it,’ he says. ‘You keep doing what you always did. I’ve lived through probably three phases of new wokeness in my time, it comes and goes and it has different guises. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences, unless those consequences are government interference and violent retribution. If I tell a joke, people are allowed to hate me for it. They’re allowed to never buy a ticket. They’re allowed to say something nasty back. They’re allowed to call for my banning. They’re allowed to do all that. Bring it on. It’s fun!’

Source: The Spectator UK

It’s weird that confirmed lefties Gervais and Rowling are agreeing with mainstream conservatives on the nature of reality when it comes to

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