Hey BIDEN: Are You Still Obama’s #1 SideKick, Or Has Another 2020 Hopeful Bumped You?

Written by Wes Walker on December 24, 2019

One of the big questions about 2020 has been, will Biden ever get Obama’s endorsement?

All of our jokes about Biden having been chosen as a running mate mostly as assassination insurance for the ‘light-bringer’ aside — seriously, who would POSSIBLY want to risk HIM holding the Nuclear Football — much was made about the very CLOSE working relationship of Obama and Biden.

They even had a comic book. Sorry — ‘graphic novel’: The Continuing Adventures Of Barry And Joe — Hope Never Dies

Brothers from different mothers, bromancing history to save us from Trump.

These are the continuing adventures of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, time traveling superheroes in search of a brighter future for America.

Really? Joe as a ‘Superhero’? This writer always pictured the relationship between Barry and Joe a little differently. Barry as the cut-throat politician, and Joe as the ass-kisser riding his coat-tails. More of a ‘Chester and Spike’ vibe than a Batman and Robin.

Be that as it may, when Biden ran, people were left scr
Satching their heads wondering why he never got that Endorsement from his ‘good buddy’ Barry.

Could it be Obama was just using Joe for personal political gain, and was never really that good a friend? Could it be that he sees Joe as an incompetent destined to lose against Trump, and he wants to back someone he thinks has a shot?

Is Joe just an old (political) horse waiting to be sent off to the glue factory?

Or is Obama eying someone else as his Democrat political successor? Someone he can trust not to screw up his version of the Leftist utopian vision?

Word is, Obama is putting some support behind Pocahontas.

But behind the scenes in recent months, former President Obama has gone to bat for Warren (D-Mass.) when speaking to donors reluctant to support her given her knocks on Wall Street and the wealthy.

And if Warren becomes the nominee, Obama has said they must throw the entirety of their support behind her.

The former president has stopped short of an endorsement of Warren in these conversations and has emphasized that he is not endorsing in the Democratic primary race.

But he also has vouched for her credentials, making it clear in these private sessions that he deems her a capable candidate and potential president, sources say.

“He’s asked all of the candidates who have sought his advice three questions: Is your family behind you? Why you? And why now? She checked the box for all,” said one longtime Obama ally.
Source: Hill

Hey Joe — would you say that is a ‘big effing deal’?