HEY GOP: Does Impeachment Vote Mean It’s Time To Adopt Mark Levin’s Scorched Earth Tactics?

Written by Wes Walker on December 19, 2019

Dems do what they do for two reasons… they love power, and the GOP lets them get away with it. Will saving the Republic require us to adopt some street-fighting tactics?

Is it time for the Right to implement Mark Levin’s strategy?

Everything we saw unfold in the Democrats Stalinist Showtrial where the votes don’t matter and the outcome was decided before anyone showed up happened for one reason… because the power they thought they could gain outweighed anything the worst consequences that the Right could throw at them for abusing their Impeachment powers.

They flagrantly ignored the rules they were supposed to be bound by… they denied the Minority their rights. They raced ahead to a judgment. They hid their coordination with witnesses, and we STILL don’t know what Schiff’s staffers were doing in Ukraine meeting with key players before we even (officially) knew what was in the Whistleblower report.

The OLD Republican party would just roll over and take it.

But we’ve entered the Trump era, where Republicans have begun to discover a modicum of self-respect. They have learned to go on offense. Are they ready to adopt Mark Levin’s strategy?

Not sure if he’s given it a proper name, but it bears a resemblance to the Cold War’s Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine.

Mark Levin has gone on his show with a bold claim: the only way to restore civil political discourse is to let them feel the wrath of their own tactics.

The Next Democrat President sitting against a Republican House — Levin would argue — needs to be impeached.

Impeached for what? It doesn’t matter.  He can be impeached for anything… or nothing at all.

Unless they genuinely fear the same kind of undeserved wrath and politics of personal destruction they’ve unleashed on Republicans.

We could even take this one further.

EVERY Democrat appointment gets Resisted and gets the Kavanaugh treatment until Democrats see their own strongest candidates starting to say … no way do I want to runn that guantlet, find someone else.

Maybe some of you think going ‘scorched earth’ is going too far.

If not that… what option do we really have to deter them from playing fast and loose with the rules in the future?

We’ve already had a President with a ‘pen and a phone’.