House Passes Impeachment, Trump Holds Rally… Here Are Yesterday’s Highlights (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 19, 2019

Rather than bore you with a long recounting of all the stupidity that paraded itself across the floor of the house, here are a few of the more interesting moments.

In the House, the clowns performed for the cameras, telling us how somber they are, how staunchly they are defending the Constitution, how ironclad their case against the President really is.

They said nothing new. And for the most part, neither did the Republicans, because there wasn’t much to be said that hasn’t already been said.

That is mostly true, with but a few exceptions. We’ll take a brief sweep before moving to the Rally to see how Trump reacted for the conclusion we all knew was coming on the first day Pelosi took back the gavel… and even before that.

We’ll start with the one that is our own personal favorite NEW argument, one we would like to see every Republican shout from the rooftops:


Tom Cole called on the Majority to respect the rights of the minority, citing six specific failures of the Democrats to honor the rights of the Minority party, in the interest of offering a process that can rightly be described as ‘fair’ and ‘impartial’.

His objections, obviously, were ignored.

And in a related message…

Scalise, who is VERY WELL acquainted with being on the receiving end of political hatred, having survived an assassination attempt, called them out on violating their own rules, while complaining Trump didn’t comply with their demands:

Doug Collins took his closing comments to BLAST the Democrats for holding to a presumption of guilt and an obligation of the accused — even the President — to PROVE he is innocent. And for all their ‘concern’ for Ukraine and their President, they have said some horrible things about him.

They even broke their own rules.

And members have been smeared, by having their phone records released.

He turned the moral superiority of the Democrats on their head… trashing the institution they claim to love.

And then he gave an amazingly ROUSING speech in defense of the President.

Kevin McCarthy also had some great closing arguments, here:

Here’s Nancy trying to keep the pretense of Democrats not LOVING this impeachment process going…

MEANWHILE… Trump was having a rally.

Is THIS the face of someone breaking under pressure?

He lives for the fight.

If anything, the Democrats might be starting to sweat it a little. Look at these stats: