Impeachment: The ‘Pelosi Project’ Isn’t Just Losing Votes, It Might Even Lose Party Members!

Published on December 15, 2019

After seeing the Schiff Show in all it’s ‘glory’, at least ONE Democrat is considering switching party affiliation.

So much for Nancy Pelosi being a ‘master Legislator’. Her ‘master plan’ is so repugnant that even Democrats want nothing to do with it.

Not even her own party is buying that ‘serious and prayerful defender of the Constitution’ schlock.

And one of the Democrats who voted against articles of impeachment in the first place has not been convinced by any of the testimony that there’s any substance to the allegations.

Rumors that had began the day with terms like ‘was in talks with’ and ‘was considering’ have been upgraded in their strength to phrases like ‘is expected to switch sides’.

We all know that nothing in politics is truly certain until it is accomplished, but signs of defection are the LAST thing Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler need at this critical moment not only of their immediate impeachment project but in the larger sense of the spotlight of the historical record as well.

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, one of the lone Democrats not supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump, is expected to switch to the Republican Party, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Van Drew is one of the most moderate members of the Democratic caucus and among the 31 lawmakers who flipped districts in the midterm elections that Trump carried in 2016. He has not publicly announced his decision, and his office did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Van Drew had met with Trump on Friday at the White House, where the President had encouraged him to join the Republican party.

While Van Drew’s expected decision to switch his allegiance will likely dovetail with the House vote on impeachment, internal polling from his campaign showed he was facing an uphill battle in his district. According to internal polling from earlier this month, just 24 percent of likely Democratic voters in his district said he deserved to be re-elected to Congress, and 58 percent said another candidate deserved the Democratic nomination.

…“He will be exonerated in the Senate, he will talk about that a lot, [and] it will probably help his election. That’s what we’ve accomplished,” he told reporters earlier this month. “At the same time now, impeachment may become more of a regular, ‘Hey we’re getting used to this process, we may do this more often when we don’t like something.’”  — Source: Time

It makes you wonder just how many other Democrats are looking for a way to cut themselves loose from this runaway impeachment train, doesn’t it?

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