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Swing State Ordered To Purge 234,000 Names From The Rolls To ‘Abide By Law’

The legal complaint leading to the ruling became necessary after the Elections Commission had decided NOT to purge those names going into 2020.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission claims they are complying with State Law, despite this ruling against them.

The short version is, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents did NOT respond to the mailer sent out during the elections, which an indication that they may no longer be at that address, and just lost a court ruling because of it.

Here’s how a CBS affiliate described it:

Roughly 234,000 voters are to be removed from Wisconsin’s rolls because they may have moved recently, a county judge ruled Friday.

Ozaukee County Judge Paul Malloy instructed the Wisconsin Elections Commission to “abide by state law” in removing the voters, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a conservative law firm that filed a legal complaint that led to the ruling, said Friday.

Reid Magney, a spokesman for the elections commission, told CNN the group plans to meet and will discuss “next steps,” including whether to appeal the decision.

In a state viewed as a battleground in 2020, the removal of 234,000 voters from the rolls could have profound implications. In 2016, President Donald Trump won Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes through defeating Hillary Clinton by less than 23,000 votes.

When the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed the complaint in October, it argued that state law requires the commission to remove from the active voting rolls voters who hadn’t responded to a recent mailing, made as part of a regular effort to update rolls, within 30 days.

Almost a quarter-million votes. It’s a heap of spare votes like that kicking around that can throw an election’s results into doubt.

Remember how many Judicial Watch forced California to clean up?

Or did the media somehow manage to skip that story?

Hey CNN: California Ordered To Clean Up Election Rolls — Is that News?

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