Jim Jordan Lights Up Democrats And Their REAL Impeachment Motives: ‘They’re Never Gonna Stop’ (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 12, 2019

Pelosi keeps telling us that impeachment is about Duty and Oaths of office and defense of the Constitution against tyranny. Jim Jordan takes a flamethrower to that obvious lie.

It was never really a secret that Democrats were pissed off about losing their grip on power… and to some outsider they had written off as stupidly oafish, no less!

Queen Hillary never got her coronation, and they have never forgiven us for that. After all, how will any of them be able to cash in on those decades of ass-kissing for the Clinton machine if she has neither power nor political favors she can offer?

Jim Jordan went all the way back to the July 31st 2016 to show how committed they were to the President’s personal and political destruction.

Pelosi called Trump an ‘imposter’. But she’s not politically motivated.

“They’re never going to stop with their attacks.”

After opening with a recap of the failure to prove wrongdoing in Ukraine, he quotes chapter and verse of how this isn’t a response to any wrongdoing on Trump’s part. This is a response to their ‘champion’ having been left out in the cold.

Schumer mentions the 6 ways from Sunday that the Intelligence Community can make your life a living hell — and three days later… Comey sprung that trap by briefing Trump with the dossier, giving a ‘hook’ for it to be ‘news’.

Mueller Report came up spectacularly empty.

Whistleblower lawyer ‘coup has started’

He goes down the list of the traps and the President’s accomplishments.

Then he changes gears.

It’s because they don’t like US.

Conservatives. Trump supporters.

He quotes the Maxine Waters rant ‘they are not welcome any more anywhere.’

He quotes Peter Strzok. ‘I can smell the Trump support’.

A few years ago it was the IRS. Then the FBI. Now it is the impeachment power of Congress.

Shiff’s release of phone records.

“It would be well to remember that what can be done to a President can be done to any of us”