Judy Hensler, The Deep State, And Democrats

Written by Bill Thomas on December 4, 2019

The Leave it to Beaver television show ran from 1957 until 1963. I never saw it during its primetime run. I only know it through reruns. However, Wally and Beaver still enjoy a huge following and lots of people watch the show in syndication.

One of the show’s minor characters, but major pains was a girl in Beaver’s class named Judy Hensler. Judy was the kind of kid that just annoyed the others. She’d always sit in the front row. She’d always raise her hand to answer any question. She’d always be quick to judge the other children in the class and tell on them as much as she could. Judy also seemed to think she’d do a better job running the class than Miss Landers, the teacher.

To Beaver, Judy is an annoying, self-righteous, arrogant know-it-all that believes she is above the likes of Beaver Cleaver, Larry Mondello, and Whitey Whitney. Does that description sound familiar? An annoying, self-righteous, arrogant know-it-all who believes he or she is better than the regular folks? That’s the Deep State and Democrats, is it not?

The annoyance factor of the Deep State and the Democrats is rising as the impeachment fiasco continues. Susan Rice, in a New York Times column from December 3, 2019, writes about four conclusions that, according to her, stand out.

The first is her assertion “there is now overwhelming testimony and evidence that affirm the deeply troubling revelation contained in President Trump’s summary of his ‘perfect’ July 25 phone call with the newly elected president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.”

The truth is, though, there is not overwhelming testimony or evidence of any kind. No one has been able to prove that there was anything impeachable in that call. At least, that’s what Bill Bennett claims. He’s not alone in that. Most Americans who’ve had to endure the “Schiff show” know that it is a political circus. Fairness, justice, and truth never once made an appearance.

 She continues the lie that “It is clear that Trump abused his power to extort bogus dirt on his chief rival for personal political gain.” 

That simply did not happen. As recently as December 2, 2019, Ukraine’s President Zelenksy reasserted there was no quid pro quo.

Rice channels her inner “Judy Hensler” as she slobbers gratuitously over the Deep State in her second conclusion. “These hearings have amply demonstrated the extraordinary calibre and character of America’s non-partisan career Foreign Service officers, civil servants and uniformed military personnel.”

The fact is that many of those who testified were outraged that President Trump bypassed them and worked through different channels to conduct foreign policy. They believed that he had the wrong policy and didn’t know what he was doing. In short, they testified that they were smarter, better prepared and just better people. They ought to be the ones leading the government, not Trump.

In other words, they are the “Judy Hensler’s” of the world and Trump and his supporters are the Beav and Larry. To Susan Rice, the Deep State and the Democrats, we are too stupid and backward to know what’s right. They are morally superior and wiser. We ought to get out of the way and let them lead.

Rice continues with two more “conclusions” which include the Republicans are evil for defending the president and, of course, Russia and Putin are the only one who benefit.

I, for one, am happy that the Republicans have held together. This is a vicious, mean-spirited attempt to overturn an election. The Deep State and the Democrats hate Trump and those of us who support him. They want him out.

As for Russia, when will they give it up. The only ones who coordinated with the Russians in 2016 were the Democrats. What party is attacking and belittling the country right now? The Democrats as they divide the nation and hold up progress in the name of impeachment.

Wayne Allen Root summed it up well. “This really is an attempt to frame and railroad a president who Democrats can’t beat at the ballot box.” Root is right. The Democrats and the Deep State have little to offer in a candidate for 2020. Impeachment is it.

What do we do about the “Judy Hensler’s,” Democrats and Deep State? In the episode “Beaver Says Goodbye,” Larry Mondello threatened to “sock” Judy if she tried to take back her gift to Beaver. Perhaps we can “sock” it to the Deep State and Democrats in the 2020 election. Re-elect Trump, hold the Senate and take back the House. That’ll show ‘em.



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Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.