WATCH: Yang’s Campaign Takes A Weird Turn With Whipped Cream & Kneeling Supporters

Written by Wes Walker on December 4, 2019

This is BETO-level awkward. Even his handler couldn’t rush him out of there fast enough.

For those of you on Twitter, there’s a meme out there right now that fits this situation perfectly.

It has a few variations that go more or less like this…

No one: …

Literally no one: …

Absolutely no one: …

(insert ridiculous idea / action / statement here)

That’s what happened on Yang’s campaign.

For an outsider, he’s been doing a pretty good job of building up some fans (perhaps for next time around), and not embarrassing himself too badly. (Apart from the obvious issue of running on a Democrat ticket which requires adherence to some indefensible ideas.)

But he’s trying to come across as cool and relatable.

He did the skateboard thing, like Beto did: Sad Day For Beto — First He LIVESTREAMS A Flu Shot, Then Yang Steals His Mojo

And now he’s doing… well something different.

Judge for yourself:

We can’t possibly be the only ones who made this word association:

Can you imagine if Freud were still around to opine on this interaction?

Full-service Presidential candidate?

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