LMAO: Trudeau Two-Face May Have Mocked Trump, But All Of America Gets The Last Laugh

Written by Wes Walker on December 7, 2019

Was his little giggle with the other mean girls worth the public humiliation he got in return?

Just a few days ago, Trudeau got caught on a hot mic saying things about Trump behind his back that he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to say to his face. Like a gutless chump.

Trump publicly called him out as two-faced. Which is an unpleasant reminder of the LAST time we were all mocking Trudeau:

For getting busted wearing blackface on more than one occasion.

Later that same week, the jobs numbers came out, and it was the Trump family’s turn to laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

Why? Well, the latest AMERICAN jobs numbers blew right past even the most optimistic of predictions.

Trump, was his usual shy and reserved self when sharing the good news:

His son made sure that the rest of the world saw the same thing we had reported here at ClashDaily yesterday… that the American economy is on fire while Canada’s is a dumpster fire.

Leadership matters.

How well has Kicking the crap out of your oil industry been working out for you up there, Prime Minister Blackface?

While you dopes double down on socialism, Trump will keep running with the policies that were proven to work under previous presidents, and continue to work today. You and your buddy Obama might be scratching your heads about what kind of magic wand we have that seems to be working.

All we can say to that is something Obama himself once said, “elections have consequences”.


Time for a little gloating, isn’t it?

Are you all tired of winning yet?


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