‘NINJA’ Missile Takes Out Bad Guys In Population Centers With An Alternative To Explosives (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 6, 2019

Without even breaking the windshield of the car it hit, it neutralized the target. And once you see how it works, the Ninja name is even MORE awesome!

When you’re fighting a battle with gutless cowards who hide behind civilian targets you are faced with hard choices.

The kind of hard choices that movies have been built around. (Eye In The Sky, for example.)

If you know calling in the strike might kill nearby civilians, but potentially save many more lives in the process, do you proceed or not? How much are those civilian lives worth?

And BECAUSE we are the good guys, and think hard questions about human shields are actually worth wrestling with, and not the gutless bastards who hide behind children and old women, we went looking for a solution to to solve those hard choices.

We found one:

The thing about the AGM-114R9X is that it “substitutes the warhead found on standard models for a set of folding sword-like blades for minimum collateral damage,” The Drive reported.

“There are reports that two individuals in the van died, but their identities and if they are affiliated with any known terrorist groups are unclear at the time of writing. There is one report that at least one person who was killed belonged to Hayat Tahrir Al Sham, or HTS, a group that splintered from Al Qaeda’s franchise in Syria in 2017.”

Tweets and pictures seemed to confirm this.

Because hey, we really don’t want EVERYONE dead.

Just the bad guys.

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