Lindsey Graham Tells Schiff And Nadler EXACTLY What He Thinks Of Them (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 6, 2019

It may not be quite as impassioned, but it cuts straight to the point just like his famous Kavanaugh hearing speech did.

“So much for being prayerful and thoughtful. I think it’s a bad day for the country. I think this whole thing is a joke.”

“Mueller I trusted. I don’t trust Schiff. I don’t trust Nadler to find the truth. And the speaker said it should be bipartisan. It should be prayerful, it should be thoughtful.

So what happened? You have four law professors give their opinion for one day in the Judiciary Committee and she’s directing articles of impeachment being drafted. That tells you all you need to know.”

He had a theory about why she’s in such a bloody hurry to ram this through, too…

I think the most radical people in the country are running, driving the impeachment process and either she gets on the train or she’s going to get run over by it.”

As we said, he isn’t as LOUD or expressive as that Kavanaugh moment, but he sure is letting the public know that we’re all expected to “make chicken salad out of chicken Schiff”… as the ranking member has said recently.

As for that throwback story if you want to go back and savor it some more, the one where he called it,  ‘most unethical sham since I have been in politics‘ and finishes his emotional speech to the Senate Democrats, ‘Boy, you all want power, but God, I hope you never get it.‘.

You can find it here:

WATCH: Lindsey Graham BLASTS The Democrats Witch Hunt Of Kavanaugh and It’s Awesome!